Monica Veraguth - Fine Artist

Monica Veraguth

Winona, MN - United States








Monica Veraguth

Winona, MN - United States

Monica Veraguth - Fine Artist

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About Monica Veraguth

a life in artů

graphic artist. fine artist. digital illustrator. photographer. designer. creator.

I am a self-taught artist primarily focusing on impressionist landscapes. Emphasizing exaggerated colors, while creating striking contrast that evokes a mystery and moodiness that arouses emotion. I often feature a very limited color palette creating simplistic scenes that are most captivating.

Connecting with my audience on an intimate level. Through familiarity, I strive to expand on their past, proliferating memories from years gone and Instilling those impressions upon them once again.

While growing up in the valleys along the Mississippi River my love for nature and art grew with me. I now take my camera almost everywhere I go, capturing scenes that influence me, that I can recreate on canvas, glass, wood or fabric.

As much as I love impressionist landscapes I also enjoy experimenting with expressionism. Drawing emotion in my portraits through lack of features. Faces that are void of expression, diluted of color, create a sense of emptiness...a loneliness, so heavy that it draws you in.

I have previously been commissioned to illustrate four classic novels (The Thing From the Lake, Eleanor M. Ingram; The House on the Borderland, William Hope Hodgson; A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs; Wuthering Heights, Emily BrontŰ) for an independent publishing company. Most recently I have illustrated another new title for the same publishing company. As well as being published in a dark fantasy/horror literary and art journal titled 'Dark Highlands Anthology.' Along with being published in Fine Art magazine, Fall 2011.

I have shown my work extensively throughout Winona and beyond; in art galleries, business offices, coffee shops, among other venues including juried art exhibitions. My paintings are also held in many private collections.

I have also worked as a graphic artist in the publishing industry for over eleven years. Providing marketing solutions and compelling editorial graphics for the Winona Post newspaper. As a senior designer, I assist the editorial staff as well as lead the advertising design department in creating a visually compelling paper. Most recently, I oversaw the design and development of a redesign and rebranding campaign for the Winona Post. I also managed the design and layout of a commemorative hardcover photo and story book for the first anniversary of a devastating flood that occurred in the area. Throughout my career at the Winona Post, I have received many state, national and international design awards both for advertising and editorial projects.

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Angry Wasp by Monica Veraguth


Abstract Caterpillar by Monica Veraguth


Castle of the Carpathians by Monica Veraguth


Closeup Cosmos by Monica Veraguth


Autumn at Sugar Loaf by Monica Veraguth


After the Storm by Monica Veraguth


Lone Tree in Winter by Monica Veraguth


Dusky Shores by Monica Veraguth


Spring Blossoms by Monica Veraguth


Autumn in the Valley by Monica Veraguth


Cliffs of Magho by Monica Veraguth


A Winter Evening by Monica Veraguth


Illusions by Monica Veraguth


Borderland by Monica Veraguth


Rails Along the River by Monica Veraguth


Sunlit Bridge by Monica Veraguth


Dawn Reflections by Monica Veraguth


Untitled Shadows by Monica Veraguth


Hollow by Monica Veraguth


Torment by Monica Veraguth


Autumn at Woodlawn by Monica Veraguth


Sunset Over the Mississippi by Monica Veraguth


Patchwork Fields by Monica Veraguth


Nightfall at Garvin by Monica Veraguth

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